K P S strongly believes that every action taken by the Company and employees is built on foundation of values that have anchored the success of the Company. We believe that it needs to play a significant role in community development.



K P S,

  • Has a deep commitment to empowering individuals and communities and seeks to reduce poverty through generating ethically responsible employment in the production of essential oils.
  • Encourages employees to be socially responsible.
  • Responsibly partners with growers of cinnamon in the region where K P S operates. In these exclusive partnerships, K P S knows the smallest details that matter.
  • Helps farmers improve their practices in agriculture (in maintaining the quality of soil, air & water thereby ensuring environmental sustainability & ecological balance).
  • Employees are paid on time and paid fairly.
  • Supports marginalized workers and small-scale farmers to move from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency.
  • Helps improve the quality of life of the people who interact and depend on us.
  • Provides tools needed to uplift the livelihood of workers who are in need in order to make a positive and sustainable change.
  • Provides financial assistance to the employees on their emergencies and grievances and actively engage in building up relationships in order to encourage dialog that demonstrates interest in them and our value systems.
  • Supports the needs of children of the workers by donating books, shoes, school kits, study materials and uniforms, in and around the operating areas.

Our work positively improves the quality of life of people in areas where we operate.